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Eng 121 - Sin City Vs. the Big Easy

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Sin City vs. the Big Easy

Carrie Ridner

ENG - 121

Instructor: Jennifer Tannascoli

May 3, 2010

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, and New Orleans, the Big Easy, are two of the most popular tourist locations in the United States. In my opinion, these two cities are the most exciting destinations in the United States. The perception and reputation are sensitive issues for both destinations. Being dependent upon tourists to support the economy is vital to the very existence of these two amazing cities. Which one has the most to offer someone deciding on a vacation destination?

Las Vegas is the excess capital of the world, in my opinion. Every hotel, meal, casino, and attraction approaches customer service in the biggest way possible, one establishment trying to outdo the other in order to keep the tourists coming from every corner of the world. It is almost impossible not to feel the heart and soul in every inch of the strip. Lights, music, and live shows appear in hotel after hotel on the strip. Of course, you never know if it is day or night when you are in a casino, no windows, clocks or daylight reaches you. There are activities and shows well into the night, a true city that never sleeps. The lure of "winning big" is in the air and everyone feels lucky. The cuisine from gourmet restaurants, buffets, and local establishments are sure to please every palette.

Of course, there is the shady side of Vegas. The prostitution, which is legal in Nevada, is offered on every corner of the strip, so keep the kids in at night. Alcohol flows freely just about anywhere you go; and of course, there is a heavy drug trade that is somewhat less noticeable. Then there is the drain on your wallet. While getting there is inexpensive, taking in the attractions and shows will cost you. If you gamble, well no one is going to stop you.

There is a great history to this town, from its early days of building this town in the middle of the desert, the alleged mobster era, recreating its image, and dealing with the effects of a recession. Just outside of the strip is the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. This is an amazing natural conservation, which boasts native species of desert wildlife and fauna. You surely want to visit to experience the desert in its natural glory. If you want to escape the nonstop action of Vegas, just a couple hours away by car is the world renowned Hoover Dam. This is one of America's seven modern civil engineering wonders. The history on its construction is truly impressive, given the harsh conditions in which it was constructed.


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