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Aspiring to go to college became short-circuited for me, at a young age I began a family. With early marriage and shortly after a pregnancy with my son and on top of that there was the financial insufficiency. All these factors interrupted the continuation of my college career. In spite of all these factors, however, the dream of a higher education did not die for me.

Several reasons support my decision to return to school. First off, by getting a higher education not only will I be more knowledgable I will gain a career advancement. Which means more money. Returning to school is a means for an end, and that will lead to financial stability for my family. I want to feel as if I am contributing to the household financially. I assist my aunt cleaning houses from time to time, but that's barely enough to pay one monthly bill. Money is really tight right now in our house, as I am sure many individuals across America are. And it's getting harder and harder to get by on one income.

Going back to school I will reclaim self fulfillment. I will hold my head higher. Because I am aware of the fact that education is a major asset to have. It can never be stolen, lost, or depreciated. Have you ever noticed in your day to day life people that seem not to have a care in the world?

These people exude confidence and tranquillity. I imagine the reason for their confidence and peace of mind is that they are satisfied with their life. They have fulfillment. I can truly say I am fulfilled in many parts of my life, my son is healthy and incredibly smart. I have a supportive and helpful

husband, we have a roof over our head and food on our table. I just know a higher education

would be a personal fulfillment for myself.

Another reason I decided to return to school was for the social benefits. At school I will be interacting socially with


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