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Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative communication is the unspoken language of nonverbal and unwritten communication. This communication includes expressions, body language, and gestures presented by both the listeners and the speakers; resulting in valuable feedback. Communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is valuable to people in their personal and professional life. Demonstrative communication includes a sender and receiver, can be effective or ineffective, and positive or negative.

The sender is the messenger, the one who is communicating the information to another person, the receiver. The receiver is the one who is listening and taking in the information that the sender is putting out. It is important for the sender to communicate clearly, accurately, and positively. Several ways to gain the confidence of the audience is to send a message that engages them. It is important for the sender to be open minded and receive feedback with good intentions. When the receiver of information is providing feedback, verbally or nonverbal, they are then the sender and the speaker is now the receiver. If the receiver does not take interest in reading the signals they may not improve their communication mistakes. A few examples of senders are a parent lecturing a child, a politician speaking at a meeting, or a teacher communicating to their students. Examples of receivers are the opposite, such as the child receiving the lecture, the audience at the political meeting, and students in a classroom. The valuable aspect of this communication process is both the sender and the receiver are important in creating effective and ineffective messages.

Effective and ineffective communication results occur when demonstrating nonverbal or unwritten communication between a sender and a receiver. Gestures can send the messenger signals such as someone putting their hands on their head in confusion, or even waving the...


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