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Degree in English and Literature

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Am graduate of English langauge and literature studies .Studying Master program in Business management. Working under drilling comapny in Chad republic. profession ad health and safety advisor and technical document Controller. like doing research and learning via internet .An from central africa .Chad republic neiboring with cameroun ,Nigerian and Niger republic. All are french speaking .I'm married and with one child and my wife is a student. She is in secondary school. Am techinician in civil engineering .national Diploma holder in civil engineering from school of engineering and applied sence nigeria.Ramat Polytectnic maidugury.Please consider me for seaching cause i want to better myself in english.Richards and Rogers' 1982 approach expanded on Anthony's three-level framework; however, instead of approach, method and technique, they chose the terms approach, design, and procedure. Their concept of approach was similar to Anthony's, but their design and procedure were of broader scope than Anthony's method and technique. Their design referred to all major practical implications in the classroom, such as syllabus design, types of activities to be used in the classroom, and student and teacher roles; procedure referred to different behaviors, practices and techniques observed in the classroom. These new terms were intended to address limitations in Anthony's framework, and also gave them specific criteria by which they could evaluate different "methods". This evaluation process was a key way that their formulation differed from Anthony's, as Anthony's framework was intended as purely descriptive.

Despite Richards and Rogers' efforts to clearly define approach, design, and procedure, their framework has been criticized by Kumaravadivelu for having "an element of artificiality in its conception and an element of subjectivity in its operation". Kumaravadivelu also points to similar objections


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