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Culture & Communication Hofstede Dimenson

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In real life, I would want to travel and work in the United States of America because of Higher Education and therefore the following are the top 5 activities which I shall be engaged in:

  1. College Problem
  2. Accommodation
  3. Part-Time Job
  4. Examination
  5. Passion/ Hobbies

  1. College Problem: - 

Me- Hi, I am Keval Modi. I had recently joined your college and I am still after a weeks I can’t manage to co-up with the surroundings, please help me to figure it out.

Senior Administrator- Yes-Yes! Firstly seat, I can figuring your problem that you are facing, for this you should first opt my junior administrator firstly for such problem, if he can’t then proceed towards me.

Me- But sir, can you help me to take his appointment by giving your reference?

Senior Administrator- Sorry, you as well as we have to obey the decorum of the college, so it would be great if you take appointment with him via your official mail to her official mail.

  • This clearly shows the Dimension of Cross Culture, where Keval who is Indian and is a new in the country who is Socialised in nature and high context in nature has directly approached to a low-context person with the believes of individualism. Which clearly makes them feel uncomfortable. As, culture dimension of which is more of High-Context with Individualistic nature having linear-reactive dimension behaviour. This makes them more of punctual and decorum following guys in nature, this resulted into “Senior Administrator” keen to say “Keval” to not to follow-up him directly but after having procedure. And Administrator was more of Linear Active due having High Job-Oriented Behaviour.

  1. Accommodation: - Keval had accommodation in a western-culture based family in USA during his further studies.

Me- Hi Mrs. Jones, I am very much glad for giving me such a great accommodation at your home.

Mrs. Jones- It’s our pleasure to have an obedient gentlemen in our house, Looking forward that you would help me in managing the food making and maintaining the garden.

Me- Yeah-Yeah..! ahh…ahhh it-it’s my pleasure to work for you….sorry for our home.

Mrs. Jones- Is all ok? I think you are not comfortable in living with us!

Me- No-no all is at the best, just feeling alienated to such life-style, which I would evolve with the span of time.

Mrs. Jones- Don’t feel aliened just have focus on your work, evolvement will come with time. You need to have time management with time.

  • This clearly shows the High-Context of Mrs. Jones behaviour towards the Keval for having the house work with accommodation with having Studies and part-time job. This also clearly showcase the masculine behaviour of Americans which believes the “Winner is the best in the field” of his/her work.

The Mrs Jones is Linear Active, as she was having elements of “Truth before diplomacy”& “Polite but Direct”.


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