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Critical Review

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The ‘W’ and ‘H’ questions pop out in my mind when Women International day is mentioned. Throughout the information given and research I have done, Women International day is the day women around the world celebrating the achievements done by women from several aspects such as cultural, social, political and economic thru history as well as across countries on the 8th of March (Women International Organisation, 2016). Some events such as conferences, seminar, rallies and others will be held on the day in several countries while some others celebrate it like sort of celebrating Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Kronos Incorporated has uploaded the video of Women International day and the intention of the video is to offer audiences with an aspect at number of fun facts and info about the women in the workforce are impacted by the innovations and evolutions done (Kronos Incorporate, 2 Mar 2011). I had discovered several strengths and weaknesses after watching this video; for instant, the audio of the video, lifespan of the video and animation in the video.

First of all, the reason i categorize the audio part of the video as both strength and weakness because they didn’t not have any narration but just background music with subtitles in the video. This might be a difficulty for people who might have eyesight problem to read, understand and realize what the video is about. Therefore, narration can be given to help up the audiences. Then, the strength of the audio part is that the background music used by the video is very freshen up, it wouldn’t make people fall asleep while watching the video as the beat of the background music is fast; while others might find the background music irritating. In my opinion, the fast background music gives people a perceive that women is doing rapidly to have such successful achievements and accomplishing more goals.

On the other hand, one of the strength that i had observed is the span of the video. Kronos takes the advantage of the shorter the length the better in the video it had uploaded as people nowadays does not get attract easily to long video. Although the length of the video is short, but the information given is clear and comprehensible. People who are interested are also able to look for further information with the link given in that video. Paused and playback can also be done for further discussion. Last but not least, the strength is the animations presented in the video. The video is presented in a simple way using ordinary animation. The


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