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Critical Review of “procurement Method as Conflict and Dispute Reduction Mechanism for Construction Industry in Malaysia”,

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Critical Review of

“Procurement Method as Conflict and Dispute Reduction Mechanism for Construction Industry in Malaysia”,

by Aminah Md Yusof, Syuhaida Ismail and Leong Shiang Chin

2011 2nd International Conference on Construction and Project Management

IPEDR vol.15 (2011) © (2011) IACSIT Press, Singapore

Conflict and dispute in the construction industry are certainly rampant and the subject should consider as extremely important to evaluate, especially if we know the role that construction plays in the social and economical development of a nation. (Rashid & Morledge 1998)

The following report will provide a critical overview of the article written by Yusof et al, (2012) that was centered in the understanding on the procurement method as a means for conflict and dispute reduction mechanism for cases operating in the construction industry in Malaysia.

Out the many topics and articles that were able to select from, the student ultimately decided to critically evaluate the one presented by Yousof et al, (2012), not only because the student is highly interested in the construction procurement industry but also because aspects of conflict and dispute are an ever-present force that once results are analyzed could also be applicable within the Omani environment.

In the investigation conducted by Yousof et al (2012), the authors concluded the authors have explored dispute and conflict management in the Malayisan construction procurement industry and have identified through the evaluation of 150 participants that innovative procurement methods have a lower rate of conflicts and dispute when measured against traditional procurement practices.

The positive results of the investigation were gladly received by Yousof et al (2012) and suggested that since respondents have clearly stated that innovative practices are in fact more appropriate to deal with organizational dispute and conflict, that without delay, organizations should promote a full-blown application of this type of innovative practices.

The literature review in the subject of procurement is far and wide, especially taking in consideration that the construction procurement industry makes a critical contribution to the development of a nation countless of articles can be found in the subject. (Winch 1996)

Nevertheless and due to the limited word count of the review, the student will attempt to briefly, but thoroughly, cover some of the key aspects of the existing literature in the subject before fully evaluating the article written by Yousof et al, (2012).

To start with the understanding on the subject, it is vital to first comprehend how procurement is defined. In this regard, Franks (1990)


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