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Cja 324 Week 1 Summary

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Week one summary CJA 324

July 9, 2012

Col. Jack Shippee

This week our topic was Ethics and the Criminal Justice Practitioner. Our objectives of learning were to learn the importance of ethics in the criminal justice field, learn the definitions of morality, ethics, duties and values, explore the theories related to ethics in the criminal justice field, and analyze the way that we make ethical decisions. The class was faced with the dilemma about deciding whether or not law enforcement professionals should be sanctioned for behavior that is not highly accepted by society. These questions were difficult to answer, and were answered in many ways because of our each different ethical outlook.

When asked about police officers and what they do on their own time, each person's opinion and thoughts on the ethical dilemmas were different but we all agreed that the officer should be careful not to lose the trust of the community they took an oath to protect and serve. The question about sexual relationships in the criminal justice setting really got the class going. There were so many different views that the conversation could have gone on the entire class. Each classmate knows where their values lie and what they will and will not do when they enter the Criminal Justice field. We are ultimately learning from the mistakes of others in this field

Week 2

This week our topic was Ethics in Policing. Our learning objectives were about learning the role of law enforcement and law enforcement subculture, identifying ethical issues involved in police procedures, analyze the limits of discretion and corresponding duties for law enforcement, and learn to identify different forms of corruption and methods to reduce corruption and unethical policing. My classmates and I were faced with identifying and distinguishing between


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