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China's Smart Phone Market - Marketing Management

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Executive Summary

In recent years, China's smart phone market competition continues to intensify, the product concerned are also changed significantly, and more Smartphone on board list.

I, as BlackBerry marketing manager, intend to expand its market in the Chinese market. According to the survey of Smartphone made in China compared with the overall mobile phone market, the smart phone having screen size bigger than 3.5 inch is more popular and having more demand among the mobile phone users. Youngsters are more attracted to the Smartphone with a bigger size screen and light weight.

Definition of Smartphone

Smartphone is a mobile phone having operating system with open source and CPU, you can extend the hardware and software features, you can add a variety of entertainment and office usable tools, having Internet based applications which make the mobile phone as multi-functional mobile phones. Briefly, in addition to Smartphone with call function, have so many other features which seem like a Pocket PC PDA phones.

Overview of China Market Development

There is a tremendous growth opportunities of Blackberry Smartphone in Chinese market in the year 2012. This Smartphone market will open a new market for the smart phone users. As per the market analysis 83.1% users are using different type of phones which will the target audience for this Smartphone. The smart phone market heat is not normally visible but it can only be analyzed.

The Advantages of Smartphone

There is multiple advantage of smart phone. It has versatile and multitasking functionality. Its powerful business processing functionality made it very popular among professional and executives especially sending and receiving email, word processing and spreadsheets. For those who always away from their office can continue be in touch with their business via email functionality of this smart phone. In a broad view, the smart phone is no longer a simple phone, but a digital terminal. Synchronization can be achieved with the computer, when and where users can complete the operation on the PC. Smart phone industry has given extra facility in the day to day operation in multiple sectors. For example, when any police officer on duty see twelve suspicious vehicle and can't catch them on the spot, then he can immediately take the snap of those vehicles and the location by using GPRS, send it to the control center, control center can judge the situation and can easily take the action. Of course, this is the need for a dedicated server support.

Development of Smartphone

In recent years, China's smart phone market is in good shape. With the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, the smart phone business, entertainment and other applications


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