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Can Knowledge Be a Burden Rather Than a Benefit?

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Knowledge is the very reason why the society progresses during human evolution. However, knowledge and science of false applications can at times act as a fearful burden since everything possesses dual character.

Advance in technology stands for the excellence of human knowledge while being a serious burden to carry. The example of nuclear weapon perfectly illustrates the point. Witnessing the doomsday-like scene of the test explosion of the first nuclear bomb, scientists experienced not only the happiness of achieving success, but also the dreadful fear and extreme worry for the world’s future perspective. When the "Little Boy" successfully exploded in Hiroshima and the "Fat Man" in Nagasaki three days later, they undoubtedly remarked a gigantic leap in fields of science and military. However, what we keep in mind was neither the excitement of the new born edge-cutting weapon, nor the relief of surrender of the Empire of Japan; instead, it was two weeping cities in complete destruction with two hundred thousand innocent victims and endless incurable depression. The father of the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer once guiltily claimed, "I am Death, the destroyer of the world.” for he understood that his accomplishment of transforming physics knowledge into the practical application was just like liberating an devil from Pandora’s box bringing uncontrolled threats and burden to the world.

With the booming abundance of knowledge in chemistry field of industrial development, an extremely significant material named plastic is created and put in to enormous scale of production. Nearly every daily-life object, such as water bottles or wire covers, contains a percentage of plastic and the material’s wide utilization is based on its fundamental attributes of low weight, malleability, and resistance towards corrosion, electricity and water. Thanks to plastic, people gain convenience and make plenty of impossible


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