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About the Illegal Occupation and the Transfer of the Land Question

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With your authorization, I have studied the illegal occupation and transfer of land problem and prepared this report. There is an investigation about illegal occupation and transfer of land on island resort of Koh Samui by the officials from Forestry Department. This investigation also shows that the illegal occupation started after one development company advertised land on Khao Dang mountain for sale to foreign customers. And actually occupied is much greater than the area covered by the land documents.This report is based information from interviews with Yongyut Tiyapairat, the minister of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry.

2. Finding and Analysis

There are some causes of this illegal occupation and transfer of land problem. Firstly, the government unclear policy on the management of public land, which can help people get the documents of illegal land easily by making payments to corrupt officials. So there are lots of over land occupation. Secondly, as the jumping land prices from tourist boom, lots of large property development firms and investment fund includes many foreign investors, and it’s harder to monitor by government authorities, so that occupy land illegally increased. Next, On the island, villagers and residents trended to declare less land for avoiding paying large amount of land taxes Because of this, they make false claims about the land's amount under their occupation. On the other hand, these backpackers arrived to build huts and resort in beaches, which makes local residents don't have places to continue their coconut business ,which also destroyed the natural environment .In the end, illegal land occupation makes lots of resorts and houses but the developers are also less likely to follow the laws of pollution control .It will results uncontrolled development and decrease the revenue available to local authorities.


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