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What Is the Background of Lexus in Australia?

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  1. What is the background of Lexus in Australia?

Luxus, whose journey begins in 1983, is the luxury sector of vehicle of Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Toyota’s initial intention is to create its own product line on luxury and performance hence brings the first Lexus vehicle, LS 400 model.

Not until 1990 did first Luxus launch in Australia which was the second largest global receiving market after the US. Seven representative dealers were responsible for the sales, where two in Sydney and one in each capital city of rest States. Since then, Lexus Australia devoted to provide unprecedented level of customer care and service within automotive industry.

In the year 1992, the new ES 300 model was unveiled in Sydney. This new prototype, labelled as "The Condensed Lexus", was created after over 700 tests of engines, and it was seen as a vehicle which fits sufficient luxury features into comfort and stylish.

In 1994, Lexus Australia introduced over 50 major revisions and changes on its LS 400 model to ensure the maintenance as well as safety. Extensive calculations and testings were made for these achievements among which the most innovated introduction is the first rear centre lap sash seat belt.

Lexus Australia brought a world first IS 200 model in Tasmania in 1999. The IS 200 model is supposed as a race car and provides owners with a feeling of connection to the road. The IS 200 brought the 6-speed manual transmission unheard of in the automotive tradition.

In October 2000, Luxus Australia impressed the world again with its LS 430 model which was launched on Gold Coast. Approximately 300 new patents were applied during its development in a result of creating the lowest dragging coefficient in any of equivalent level of luxury sedan models meanwhile, therefore, LS 430 was regarded as the world’s quietest luxury sedan.

In recent years, Lexus Australia continues its exploration to progressive luxury. A new design team with core automotive passion was restructured and new transformation was forged. In the year 2016, Lexus unveiled its LC 500h model which was an implicating announcement of Lexus entering next generation of hybrid system, with a combination of a traditional full hybrid powertrain and a four-speed automatic gearbox.

Till now, the Lexus Australia concentrates among performance, craft, technology and design. It is the goal of Lexus Australia to revolve these four elements in a perfect harmonic condition to create Lexus owner a perfect experience.


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