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Walmart Case Study

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Walmart has been trying to enter India's market for quite a while now. But

after months of dispute, walmart is finally allowed to open its first ever

store in India. This move will potentially include for 10 more store to be

open throughout the Indian market over the next two years. But with the

way Indias market is set up (heavy restrictions and regulations on foreign

FDI inflow to prevent high competition with domestic retailers) India will

not be feeling the "everyday low price" business model that Walmart has

made so popular.The first store will open next month in northern india in

the city of Amristar. This outlet will sell mostly to vegetable vendors,

hotels, hostpitals, other companies and restaurants. They will not be

holding the usual Wal-mart brands.Walmart is known for squeezing the most

out of their suppliers and despite this being a sort of quiet approach in

entering India, industry experts expect the best. India is a nation of

retailers the market is valued at over $375 billion and is largely owned

by mom and pop shops. India has 12 million kirana(grocery) stores which is

the highest percapita in the world. Wal-mart isnt new to India's market,

they have been relying on Indias textiles, home products and jewelry.Now

their mission is to remove any innefficiency in the supply chain and pass

along those low costs to their customers and in this case their customers

are the kirana stores.Some of the leading manufacturers in India like



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