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Utiliscan Case Analysis

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The case analysis of Utiliscan indicates that Paul, former HR Director has to make changes to processes observed via an employee survey within the organization. Although this survey was completed prior to him leaving the organization, it is important to take note of the changes that may be hindering the organization from operating to its full capacity. Changes that will be addressed include benefits, job duties, performance/pay structure, and safety issues. When making changes to the processes, policies, and activities it is important to take into consideration the cost associated with the changes that could potentially further affect the bottom line of the organization. Research conducted via employee surveys and cost implications will provide an outcome that is sufficient to elevating employee satisfaction and provide higher survey outcomes for the organization. Lastly, supplementary surveys will need to be conducted to measure outcomes from changes that have been implemented and additional alterations may further have to be taken into consideration to warrant the survey outcomes the organization is seeking.

Utiliscan: Case Analysis

According to, Allan Hall, indicates that 2 million American’s quit their jobs every month, siting unsatisfactory work conditions (2013). Employee surveys are used as a means of measuring not only job satisfaction via their employees, but also can be an indication of improvements that needs to be made to prevent rapid and consistent turnover, maintain an industrious and operative labor force, develop employees into leaders and managers, provide employee engagement and their influences, and increase the bottom line for the organization with loyalty via customer satisfaction. The overall financial health of the organization should be considered and the results should affect such when changes are being implemented. Results from the survey suggest that areas of improvement that Utiliscan needs to focus on include overall job duties, safety plans, employee development, performance/pay structure, and benefits. Once adjustments are made in the areas indicated above, the outcome will reflect an increase in overall job satisfaction by employees, increased customer loyalty and organizational brand; while decreasing organizational cost.

First, implementing changes that will provide the above results indicated equates to starting with the least expensive of issues. While the survey discloses that 78% of the employees were/are satisfied with their working conditions, flexibility of supervision, and workload, the overall target goals should always be 100% satisfaction and nothing ranking below 90%. To improve the work conditions and workload, the organization should readjust their job description and duties that is posted. Realigning job


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