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Treadway Tire Case Analysis

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Treadway Tire Case Analysis-Redo

Treadway Tire Company is experiencing a high rate of turnover along with many other problems in areas such as recruitment, training, performance evaluations, communication, and the relationship between the union and the management. The main issue behind all of these problems is the culture within the company. Without a strong culture a company cannot perform to it's optimal capacity. The most important change this company can make would be to align the underlying assumption of the company with the desired values and artifacts to gain a strong organizational culture.

When attracting, selecting, and retaining employees, Treadway Tire Company would have a natural tendency to hire people with the values and characteristics that are consistent with the company. The problem is that the values and characteristics of the company are not positive and are not strong. In order for the company to change this they should seek out and select new employees that possess the values and characteristics that they would like to have within the company. In the interview process the managers should look at personality along with positive values and good work ethic.

It will also be important for Treadway Tire Company to find employees within the company who have positive values and good leadership skills that will be dedicated to training new employees. If these leaders can work together with the new employees and together develop a stronger sense of culture the company will begin to become more socialized and homogeneous.

The performance evaluations can be a great way to strengthen the culture of the company. By measuring the performance of individuals as well as the company as a whole will give the employees more motivation to perform. A reward system should be set up to give the employees incentive to do well and to have good performance evaluations. Introducing rewards


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