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The Supply Chain Management Effect

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The Supply Chain Management Effect

On occasion I had the opportunity to listen to Robert Martichenco (CEO of LeanCor, LCC) in the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2008, saying something that changed my perspective about logistics in life: "Why do you look tired and haggard at the end of a shift? "Because I walk 9 miles a day," was the answer. But then you have to ask: Why do you walk nine miles a day?"

After I read and analyzing deeply the reading about Supply Chain, I conclude that the importance of this, in the life of a company goes beyond what is commonly thought, which it usually is to reduce costs, time and increase productivity. Words that are not out of the concept, however, we can realize that as time progresses, it has modernizing the overall concept and is expanding to become part not only of fullfillment, but part of the product life cycle.

Like it says on the reading, I think the new features included in the supply chain, help to generate a better connection between the client, other companies and us.

Something that I found most interesting is the cross enterprise integration, which allows you to coordinate the activities between companies and internal functions to properly supply the products.

Another interesting point mentioned was the fact that companies today are concerned with demand management while seeking to improve the supply process, knowing that at every stage of this, the demand for the product can go on the rise.

At last but not least, I loved the way the reading describe the shift 5, that changes the old question of product and distribution costs into the new supply-chain and marketing approach that would lead to a breakthrough in customer value, because we always have to remember that in every business the most important thing is the customer.


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