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1.1 Abstract

"Hostel Management Information System" should maintain all the Hostel Student information. The Hostel environment consists of students, Fee, Room etc so the Hostel Management information system should maintain details of all students ie., their bio-data ,their personal Information etc. Fee details like Room rent ,Mess ,Management ,amount etc and also details like Room to which a particular student belong, their attendance, their Refund etc.

Therefore it is obvious that system maintains vast amounts of data. In such cases computerization of the system is inevitable. The ideal reasons for computerizing Hostel Management system are as follows.


This project deals with the Hostel Management System. This project is having different modules like new Student information creation form ,Fee information form, Attendance and Room Allotments forms.

This was submitted with One modules given below

1). Login Option:

If the user already contains an account in this system, this form permit to enter in to this Hotel Management system. Now he can use all the facilities provided by this Mailing System.

User Menu: Provides a way to give any commands to the Hostel Management System, the options include in the menu are

1. Student

2. Fee Details

3. Room Allotment

4. Attendance

5. Refunds

6. Reports

7. Exit

1. Student: This screen having option to enter entire details of student and have an option to save the Details. The fields in this screen are:

Studen ID: It is Uniquely identified by the each student

Stuname: Student Name.

Age: Age of the Student .

Address : Address of the student

Mobile: Mobile number of the student

2). Fee: If the user selects this option on the user menu the corresponding Fee details of the user will be displayed. To read the different fields, one option is provided as a save by clicking on the save button .

3) Attendance: Using these options the user can selects Attendance option , different student id's will be available , if u want a particular student id select one of them from the


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