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The Development of Globalization

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As the development of globalization, as Deepak Sethi (2002) stated, firms from all of the world would be facing up to the complicated business environments which are full of changes as well as their stakeholders, including their suppliers, retailers, customers and competitors, sometimes stockholders as well. The business environments could affect the firms’ operations and benefits a lot, and also they would influence their stakeholders’ benefit. So we have to know why and how there could be the influences. Asli Demirguc-Kunt, et al. (2006) have investigated about how a country’s institutions and business environment affected firm’s organizational choices and what impact the organizational form has on in terms of finance and growth. They’ve found that businesses are more likely to choose the corporate form in countries with developed financial sectors and efficient legal systems, strong shareholder and creditor rights, low regulatory burdens and corporate taxes and efficient bankruptcy processes. Generally speaking, there are many factors of business environments enable the occurrence of impacts on firms and their stakeholders, but they could be classified into several main types as economical, political, legal, social and technological. We may see some clues in references relevant deeply. Gerald D. Keim, Amy J. Hillman (2008) considered that globalization leaded to increased business opportunities and changing rules of the game, and different institutional settings and different organizational players shape business opportunities through different public policy processes operating in states and locales continuously. So it would be obviously that the political environments would have influenced firms a lot. Vladimir Simic, et al. (2012) focused on the production planning for vehicle recycling factories in the EU legislative and global business environments, so it has reflected that the factors in the business environments from the legal perspective to firms


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