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Telstra Telecommunication Service Marketing

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Executive Summary

Telstra telecommunication service has committed to play a part in the development of strong productivity and performance. They have identified their 5 C’s, which also plays an important role in maintaining a strong commitment. They are also trying to give a tough competition to their competitors, sustain the growth opportunities, and properly react to the rapid innovation in technological improvements of the business. In the following, an effort has been made to discuss customer needs, competitors, business context, and the role of collaborators as a part of market intelligence. In addition, the discussion has been made on marketing mix and segmentation, targeting, the positioning of the market.


Executive Summary        1

Introduction        3

5 C’S        3

Market research and intelligence        5

Developing Market strategy        6

Marketing Tactics        9

Recommendation        11

Conclusion        12


Telstra is Australia’s biggest and one of the leading telecommunication companies, which delivers the popular brands in the nation. They deliver the services to provide mobile broadband services, which is the biggest wireless network coverage in Australia. They deliver a complete scope of services and strive in all extents of telecommunication as both internationally and domestically. Their main motive is to improve its position as the prominent telecommunication and information service organization in Australia as well as to develop its existence internationally. Telstra originally was Telecom Australia was formed in 1901 by the Postmaster Generals Department until 1975. In 1989, Telecom Australia becomes the official Telecommunication Corporations for all international and domestic telephone broadband services. In 1995, Telecom Australia transforms the name to Telstra for the objective of diversity from other worldwide telecommunication organizations (McDougal, 2017). 

The organization has been trading globally since 1993 as presently Telstra works in around 19 countries over the world. It is determined as dominant telecommunications and information service provider of Australia with a wide range of products and services that are promoted to the business, government, and private sectors internationally. Their main services involve mobile broadband telecommunication services, Advertising & Information services, and Internet management services, fixed line telecommunication to business across Australia, wholesale services to other telecommunication service providers, and cable distribution for subscription services (Gregory, 2018). In the following, an effort has been made to discuss the 5 C’S of the organization, market research, marketing strategy, detailed marketing mix and recommendation for the promoting the unique services in the organization.  


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