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Starwood: Process Analysis

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Starwood: Process Analysis

As a results-driven organization that constantly strives for improvement, Starwood Hotels and Resorts looks to improve its processes across various categories amongst its properties wherever possible (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010). Process improvement is an important aspect of any organization, and involves much more than simply correcting errors (Handbook for basic, n.d.). Process improvement involves analyzing existing practices and determining areas where change can benefit the overall process, as well as the organization as a whole (Handbook for basic, n.d.). Starwood understands the value of process improvement and consistently works to ensure that processes and activities at its properties are as streamlined as possible (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, Video, 2010). Best practices at various locations are analyzed, and the most excellent are shared and implemented at other locations that can benefit from those practices (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, Video, 2010). In order to facilitate the sharing and implementation of these best practices across the company’s properties, Starwood implemented the Power of Innovation Program, or POI (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010). The POI team is an internal group “with expertise in kitchen preparation and production, laundry, stewarding, front office, and housekeeping” (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010, p. 152, para. 1). This team is responsible for recognizing and analyzing the best practices among Starwood properties in North America, working with individual properties across the country to help evaluate their current processes, and implementing the best practices suitable for each location to assist in improving existing processes (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010). The team was so successful in improving labor and efficiency that at one resort alone, the Westin Galleria-Oaks in Houston, Texas, they were able to improve production in kitchen preparation and production by 6 percent, decrease the total number of hours worked by 2,404 hours, and save the property $23,320 in payroll per year in this category (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010). Furthermore, the team was able to save the property an additional $14,400 in payroll each year in other areas of the hotel through improved labor and efficiency processes (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2010). Process improvement is such a priority at Starwood that they have designated a Power of Innovation award for outstanding members of its staff (The bridge, n.d.).

The management team at the Phoenician was interested in determining if processes in four categories, including front desk service agents, housekeeping room attendants, stewarding, and culinary preparation and production, could be improved (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, Video, 2010). To analyze the processes in these categories, they elected to solicit


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