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Small Business Owner

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Juliann Warnes

Small Business Management SBM 2000-1001

Professor Williams

January 3, 2014

Imagine that you are a small business owner, describe three sources you could use for recruiting employees, and describe three steps you would take to evaluate and select employees. Consider how you would recruit and choose employees.

The three sources I would use for recruiting employees would be schools, public employment offices and temporary help agencies.

Schools that would be secondary schools, career school, colleges and universities the reason why is because they have been through internship programs which gives them experience, educational background, they could be trained in several fields such as management or technical and professional fields.

Public Employment Offices there is no cost to small businesses, have information on applicants who are seeking unemployment, they have a useful source of clerical workers, unskilled laborers, production workers, and technicians. They are for the most part untrained or only marginally qualified but since the recession they also have advanced skilled workers that have been laid off.

Temporary help agencies they supply employees like word processsors, clerks, accountants, engineers, nurses, and sales clerks for just a short period of time. The temporary employees provide management with an introduction to individuals and that may offer a permanent employment. Using a temporary service is less practical when there is a lot of training that is required or continuity is important.

I think that all of the five steps are important when hiring employees, but the three most important steps to me would be using application forms because it gives the employer some


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