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Segmentation Strategy of Oral-B

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Analyze the Segmentation Strategy of Your case Product


Segmentation is the first step of a marketing strategy. Before deciding to our target market, we should focus on dividing market place according to customers' action to our brand, Oral-b. Oral-b is the toothbrush brand that most dentists use and suggest in the world so it focuses more on quality than cheapness. Quality means healthier oral care but more expensive in terms of price. Thus, it is expected that middle and higher class customers mostly prefer Oral-b as a toothbrush. People having low purchasing power are not tend to use our brand mostly. But when we analyze the products, we see that Oral-b has a wide range of toothbrushes lately which are intended for everyone's use. Higher class customers who are willing to pay more have options like rechargeable electric toothbrushes or manual ones with high quality while middle class customers prefer again high quality but cheap ones at the same time compared to others. Oral-b also have a couple cheap toothbrushes which are preferred by lower class customers but the brand's emphasis about customers in other words its target market is more on people who thinks quality and health first. Also when we analyze the worldwide sales of the brand, in countries like USA have higher number of sales compared to countries like India which shows people who have low purchasing power are not the target market of the brand. So the most important thing that is differentiating Oral-b from its competitors is high quality and it's being preferred by most dentists in the world.


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