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Romantic Love Is a Poor Basis for Marriage - Outline only

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Persuasive Essay Outline

Topic: Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage

Romantic Love or Romantic Marriage?


People who have been in romantic love will have trouble in marriage.

Romantic love does not only include emotions yet it also includes a couple's economic stability, physical attraction, and respect.

Body Paragraph 1:

Physical attraction is another key for romantic love. In marriage, couples are living together and may experience unpleasant situations. As well, pretty wives and handsome husbands naturally get older and uglier which may disrupt the happening of romantic love.

Body Paragraph 2:

The excitement during marriage will decline due to a couple's economical state. Like teenager's couple, they may feel their love as a romantic love with only few financial ability, however when people get older at an age of marriage people tend to need more money to draw a romantic situation.

Body Paragraph 3:

Feeling romantic isn't only about money and physical attraction but also includes such behaviors like respect, loyalty, and friendship. In a couple, each person must how they can make each other happy. (VOW)


People who have experienced romantic love may have more trouble than people who didn't experienced romantic love in marriage.

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Choose ! Romantic Love or Romantic Marriage?

Have you ever experienced romantic love? If not, I sincerely hope everyone do because it's a pleasant experience to feel. However, it is believed that people who have been in romantic love may have more troubles in their marriage. Romantic situations and joyful past experiences may cause future conflicts with their partner because higher expectations toward their partners may arise. People may consider romantic love as just an emotion. However, romantic love also include physical attraction, a couple's economical stability and respect.

Did you ever fall in love at first sight? People may fall in love simply from a partner's physical attraction. If a person felt romantic love because


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