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Proper Business

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. A. The answer is list because the bullet structure is nothing more than a list, it doesn’t need subheads, it’s only bulleting the events that occurred.

10. C. Feature stories use many descriptive details, which differs from hard news stories that just uses facts and quotes.

11. B. The engine paragraph tells the reader about the subject in the first sentence or two.

19. C. Websites can update their news and material the quickest, that’s why people are so attracted to them.

22. ?

23. C. Sound is the most important aspect of online news because newspapers can’t offer sound.

28. B. Analyzed summaries give readers an interpretation of the story.

30. A. Informational summaries give a brief overview of the longer story,

35. ?

40. C. Sound captured on radio interviews is actuality, not ambient sound.

41. B. Sound captured at an event is actuality.

43. D. An edited package is when an anchor begins the story and throws it to a reporter in the field.

44. C. Reader with actuality is when an anchor reads the story and has actuality in it.


2. A year after the zoo bought her for $500,000, Ruby the elephant still can’t be in physical contact with the zoo’s two-other elephants.

4. The Humane Society is looking for a good home for Ezer, a South Asian parrot. A truck driver had offered to adopt the parrot. However, the society felt that his home wouldn’t be suitable for Ezer’s needs because of the confinement and strain.

6. Musick was the second person to plead guilty since the incident occurred back in March. He is charged


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