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Primark Clothing Chain Case Study

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Primark is a clothing chain that is well known because of his innovative, fashionable clothes at a low price. They have huge varieties, the departments that they have attracts a big part of the market. The different departments are: women's cloths, kids, underwear, men's, cosmetic, home ware, and other accessories (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date). It all started in 1969 (Primark, 2014, paragraph 1) were the first Primark store opened in Dublin. Primark headquarters are still in Dublin. Primark is a subsidiary firm of the Associated British Foods group (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date).

The textile industry has got the pas few years some major changes, consumers are demanding more and more. Their expectations are to get fashionable cloths at lower prices (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date). Therefore big clothing distributions are getting their clothes from other countries like China, Bangladesh or India (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date). Primark works with a several different manufacturers that are coming from all around the world. Primark has decided to become member of several organizations to be ethical responsibility.

In this case study we discuss how Primark began and how they capture their market. They obtain their customers because of some methods, the mouth to mouth publicity, their prices. Primark is also responding all the time to their customers concerns and needs. So they aim a high reputation (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date). Primark is also very concern about the ethical part of their company, they are member of some organization that helps the stakeholders. "Stakeholders are internal to the business, such as a company's employees (Times 100 Business Case Studies, no date, paragraph 4)." A firm can also have external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers or trade unions. I will further analyse the ethical part of Primark.


Primark growth is really exceptional and very impressive. It all started in Dublin in 1969 (Primark, 2014, paragraph 1) were the first Primark store was found, in the same year they expanded it already with four more stores in Dublin Two years later they opened their first store outside Dublin. By 1973 (Primark, 2014, paragraph 4) Primark had already 18 stores and they began to expand their stores in Great Britain in the next ten years they added 18 stores in the UK and nine in Ireland (Primark, 2014). After that Primark started with acquisitions of other chains. With the result that in year 2000 (Primark, 2014, paragraph 7) there were 108 stores in the UK and Ireland. Afterwards Primark started an expansion in Europe, first they opened their first store in Spain but quickly there came more stores. Now these days Primark has 268 Stores in nine different countries (Primark, 2014). How did Primark won the market and the consumer trust in such a short time?



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