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Pizza Hut Case

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Despite the competition among pizza fast food chain is too strong, but Pizza Hut remains it status as a market leader in pizza industry with more than 13,000 outlets in about 90 countries worldwide. There are few competitors such as Domino, Papa John, and Little Caesar to compete with Pizza Hut in the pizza market. In the Malaysian fast food pizza market, Domino's Pizza who runs the world's second largest pizza chain is the main competitor to Pizza Hut. Both companies have been competing on the same niche market that has same market demographic characteristics and hence comparison between the two is based on a levelled ground.

The starting point for the comparison would be on their company's website. In 1994, Pizza Hut became the first pizza chain to offer delivery over the internet. On the other side, Domino need to wait until year 2007 only introduced online ordering. Since both companies depend largely on online ordering and call ordering and therefore the design of the website is very important. This will make the customers easier to view and search the products from the menus they like to purchase. Starting with the background colour of the website, Pizza Hut is using their traditional red colour while blue colour is represented Domino. Next, homepage of the website, for Pizza Hut, the homepage is categorized into 3 sections which are dining restaurant, home delivery, and online ordering. These is to show the different products offered between dine-in and home delivery. On the other hand, Domino has a simple and straight forward homepage which can let the customers to search for the products once they login to the website. Furthermore, Pizza Hut provides many services in their website such as E-Message, TV Commercial, Picture Gallery, Download Wallpapers and Send E-cards. However, Domino does not provide any this kind of services in their website. Other than that, Pizza Hut also provides nutritional values of their food and beverages in


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