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Nike Case

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Nike the largest supplier in the world is a major supplier of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment. Nike’s goal is to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability to reach their potential. Nike wants to create their business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition and provide value for shareholders. They are the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic appeal in the world. The company continues to grow by creating designs for men, women, and children. The top selling product category includes running, basketball, women’s and children training shoes. The company also designs gear for sports such as: tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf, bicycling, cheerleading, swimming, hiking, football, baseball, and other athletic activities. Nike focuses on global economy, technology, politics, natural environment, demographic, and socio-cultural.

Most of Nike’s apparel is manufacturer outside of the United States, which is very important to a successful company. 98 percent of the equipment is from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and an estimate of 30 other outsider countries. This helps Nike with competition because it helps globally and helps with international buyers and consumer growth. The materials used from the other countries are rubber, leather, plastic, nylon, canvas, cushioning materials, metal hardware, heat resistant fabrics, and threads.

Nike is highly advertized especially from famous athletes, coaches, teams, and leagues, For example, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony.

In order to maintain its dominance in the industry and stay competitive, Nike actively responds to trends and changes in consumer preferences by adjusting the mix of existing product offerings, developing new products, styles and categories, and influencing sports and fitness preferences through aggressive marketing. Its primary areas of marketing remain Net TV and magazines. Nike also specializes on showing loyalty to all the customers.

Nike competes with numerous athletic and shoe companies worldwide. The main competitors of Nike are Reebok, Adidas, Timberland, Puma, and Woodland. Nike fierce competition in product offerings, prices, costs of production and customer services. Nike separates from competition in many ways. Nike allows customers to design their own shoes from a catalogue of predefined designs. Customers can choose their own colors and mascots to create shoes which define their personality. It provides Touch screen technology in store allowing customers to design shoes to create. Because of great production quality, product innovation, the customer satisfied and customer retention for Nike is very high. The key success factors dealing with Nike is its distinctive marketing capability, volume manufacturing capacity, extensive research and development effort to design the best athletic products


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