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Nike Case Analysis

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Case Analysis

1. I believe that the company Nike should be held somewhat accountable for the working conditions of companies that are making their products. Even if those companies are just subcontractors and not a company that they personally own. As a corporation, they have to think about their social responsibility and the image that they are giving off to consumers. Even if they are people who are in another country, it does not mean that they do not need to be treated at human beings as well.

2. When it comes to the labor standards that the subcontractors who work for Nike should follow, I think that there should be a mix of both companies that would benefit all parties that are involved in the situation. Each and every country typically has their own set of regulations that are conjured up to fit their companies, but sometimes they are not made to make sure that the workers are protected and kept safe. I think that if some American standards were added it, then the other nations could benefit from it. The bigger issue that I think companies would have to deal with would involve more with enforcement of standards,

3. Based on the information given, it does not seem completely fair to criticize Nike for paying their employees for low wages. Compared to the rest of the population in Indonesia, they are earning much more than the farmers. Both occupations require a lot of manual labor and somewhat difficult environments. But I think that compared to the rest of the world, Nike, as one of the wealthiest companies in the world, can afford to pay their workers a slightly higher wage. While the standard of living in Asia is not as high as it is in western countries, it is still difficult to get by with so little. By raising their wages, then workers are able to better provide for their families, and it can also bring more money into the countries economy.

4. Based on the case study, it would appear that Nike put in a lot of effort to handle the negative publicity they got in a reasonable manner. They did not ignore what the public pointed out to the company and when they did get a complaint they would try to resolve the matter by looking into it and came up with something to fix the situation


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