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Negotiation Paper

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Negotiation paper Assignment

I performed this negotiation as a business manager with the Lyric Opera. When I first met Sally

Soprano’s agent, she appeared to be excited. She told me that she has been that Ms. Risingstar’s name had

suddenly been dropped from the opera’s advertising, and that the Lyric Opera looked hurried to find a

person who could serve as the title role, “Norma.” I believe that what I said next was my big negotiation

mistake at that time: I confess to her that the Lyric Opera really needed a “Norma” role. After my

confession, she offered me $30,000 for Sally Soprano to perform “Norma.” Although Lyric Opera trustees

had authorized me to offer up to $45,000 to Sally, I probably would have paid her no more than $28,000,

and $30,000 was too much for sally’s performance of “Norma.” The agent said that last year an

inexperienced young soprano who sang title role “Norma” have been paid over $24,000. Also the last

time that Sally sang for the Lyric Opera, she had the secondary soprano role of Adalgisa and received

$12,500. The agent also emphasized that the title role usually paid at least twice the amount received by

singers in secondary roles, and the Lyric Opera was running out of time to find a person who could

perform “Norma.”

I declined the agent’s offer $30,000, and started to negotiate with the agent to rectify that mistake

that I had made during the early negotiation process. Using two strategies, I delved into negotiation: First,

I emphasized that Sally had not had any recent title role experiences. Sally only had secondary soprano

experience two years ago, and I emphasized that this would be a great opportunity for her to get a title

role, so salary will might not her main concern. Second, I informed the agent that Sally was too old for the

title role of “Norma,” so there are uncertainly as to more than 85 percent of the seats would be occupied

by audience if the Lyric Opera were to hire Sally as “Norma.” I emphasized that the Lyric Opera would

lose $50,000 or more if there was less than 80 percent attendance.

When I offered $24,000 after analyzing


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