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Nature’s Oa Products

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Nature’s OA provide a lot of natural pharmaceutical products to cure various type of illness include over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs.

Besides, Nature’s OA will register under Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) as to promote more market as Malaysia is consists with 61.7% (19.36 million) of Islam resident. Therefore, it can exaggerate target customer with all ethics in Malaysia.

Furthermore, prescription drugs as the signature of Orang Asli is Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) and Kicap Fatimah. Tongkat Ali which can promote bone formation, increase muscle strength, anticancer effects and others, for the Kicap Fatimah, it can improve immune system, balances hormones, heal in reproduction systems and others. Both of the traditional herbs also do not indicate any negative side effect but not suitable children to use.

As result, Nature’s OA is using traditional herb of Orang Asli which using natural ingredients to form the drugs. There do not contain any chemical resource as compare with western drugs. It is more health as do not have side effect but must consume in recommended amount as stated on the drugs. This become the differentiation strategy for the company to compete others company.

        Since a lot of health supplements is appearing in market nowadays, but Nature’s OA products is different with rival products. Nature’s OA is based by the pharmaceutical business with traditional medical plants of Orang Asli which is no chemical substances during plantation of medical plants. Because of the products are made in natural, so that it is not contain any side effect and suitable for all to consume.

        Pricing can be differentiation and enhance the image of a product. High price charge to customer will be consider it is a high quality product and risky that customers may refused to buy. In numerous of pricing strategy, Nature’s OA is suitable for using value based pricing strategy to determine the products’ price. Nature’s OA is emphasizing in the value of product towards the customers rather than the cost in production which is the customers feel that the product is worth it. Thus, Nature’s OA charge an affordable price that can afford by public especially ageing small village peoples. Nature’s OA mainly targeted to ageing small village peoples which has lower income.

        Besides, Nature’s OA is caring about the customers’ benefits while taking the product and perception of buyer on the product’s quality, the company’s reputation, and healthfulness, more than cost factors. Some people willing to buy some special gift to their parents. Thus, fine packaging on special event can boost the sales of product and gain more revenue. Nature’s OA is going to make a bundle pricing which is buy two free one in any health supplement by Nature’s OA. It is for the purpose from company to remind all for take care of parents’ health and own health at the same time.


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