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Mgt 426 - Ethics During Change Paper

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Ethics during Change paper


Ethics during Change paper

Ethics are very important aspects of the business world. These are the norms and codes of conduct followed by a company that are basically framed for the betterment of the employees and their self-development. Change is necessary for every organization. When change occurs in any organization it becomes cumbersome for the management to implement that change. Sometimes there are so many ethical issues that arise because of change in the organization. This is the responsibility of the organization maintain an ethical working environment. Unethical activities should be discontinued immediately.

This is the duty of the management that every employee should work in a healthy and ethical environment. Unethical activities include misbehavior, discrimination on the basis of age, sex, caste, eligibility, etc. There are so many employees in the organizations that are affected by these activities. During the change process every manager should take care that ethical issues can be sort out. Change is nature of law, it is mandatory to change or update according to time and environment. During the occurrence of change, the organization must be concerned about the safety of the employees so that they can work freely in the changed conditions.

Unethical activities are increasing day-by-day in the business environment. There should be best plans made by the management so that unethical activities can be removed. The organization should organize some training program so that they can easily implement the changes. Technology is a big issue that causes the main reason for the change process to occur. Technology is changing everyday and it is becoming very obvious for the companies to adopt those technologies to grow in the market. Ethical issues arise in the organization also can be related with the ever increasing technological changes. The employees working in the company becomes very used to work within a similar environment. In such circumstances, it becomes difficult for the employees to shift and gain expertise in other technology.

As I have mentioned above that sometimes discrimination can also be the result of the changing environment in the organization. When the major changes take place in the organization there should be no discrimination among the employees relating to sex, age, eligibility, etc. There should be a fare decision in the favor of the employees. The unethical activities de-motivate the employees that adversely affect the organization’s profits. The organization must know about the ethical issues that can occur in the organization while implementing change. In today’s scenario implementing change is mandatory for the organizations. The employees should welcome the changes done by the company as these changes will also be beneficial for them as well.


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