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McDonald's Case Study

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Chelsea Patches

MANG 372

McDonald’s Case Study


1. After reviewing the case study, McDonald’s business strategy can be described as a very customer focused strategy that strives to create customer satisfaction, quality, loyalty, and value. Aside from customer focused, their strategy is also very focused on their employees. They value their employees and want them to learn and grow, therefore, they train them so that they can promote from within. They recognize that they are recruiting and hiring the right people for the jobs to ensure quality crew members are part of their staff. They want people on their staff who are clean, quick, and can deliver outstanding service to their customers. They appreciate what they have to contribute to the company’s success, so they ensure that all employees have to resources they need in order to get the job done. They are also very involved in the quality of their products. They track indicators of product and service quality, along with speed and accuracy of the product delivery. The foundations of their competitive advantage start with service- providing the best customer support before, during and after the sale, quality- providing the highest-quality service or product, branding- developing the most positive image, speed- getting product or service to consumers quickly, and convenience- be the easiest for customers to do business with. With all of those goals in mind to achieve their competitive advantage, they ensure that they are being as successful as they can, and serving the best customer service as possible.

2. McDonald’s has aligned their business, human resource, and staffing strategies by making sure they are all in sync. The business strategy is how the company will compete in its marketplace, and it depends on employee’s willingness and ability to help execute the goals. The staffing strategy is the set of priorities,


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