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Case Study of McDonalds in Russia

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[02:38:12] parth padval: Executive summary:

This assignment focuses on our case study of McDonalds in Russia and their competitive methods and core competences in the market, which gave them tag of being pioneer international company to launch itself in Russia and also this assignment will figure out what are the strategies used by them for being such a revenue generating company and famous fast food restaurant in Russia.

Also there is model of value chain analysis activities within McDonalds like primary activities and support activities which play major role in generating revenue for McDonalds in Russia. Further my assignment will illustrate McDonald's competitive method adopted and what all competitive advantage it has gained from it followed by schools of strategy.

Following this will be conclusion and recommendation for McDonalds.

Let us first understand what McDonalds is and over all structure of this company and it was formed.

Company's background

The initial business for McDonald began within the decade 1930 and 1940, when a restaurant was opened by brothers Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California after they were impressed by response they got from setting up of hot dog stand in California U.S.

The first restaurant which these McDonalds brother setup was with Barbeque items of pork and beef. By 1948 restaurant was running really well and was getting difficult to manage this was first time when McDonald brothers applied strategy and changed their menu to dominating hamburger menu which had 80% of its sales.

That's when McDonalds was born.



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