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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - Hotel Marketing

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Executive Summary

I have been employed as an Assistant Marketing Manager of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Currently, the marketing Director of the hotel is reviewing the Department's marketing programs for the 2018 Marketing Plan. I have been asked to assist in the project.

This report will cover 4 Tasks. They are The concepts of marketing in a services industry context which include concepts of marketing for a relevant services industry the impact of the marketing environment on the industry, the relevance of consumer markets in the industry and rationale for developing different market segments. To understand role of the marketing mix, Be able to use the promotional mix and the marketing cycle in a services industry environment

Table of contents

Task 1 Introduction

  1. & 2 Concepts of marketing for marina Bay Sands
  1. Marketing environment and its impact on the hospitality industry
  2. Customer purchasing behavior
  3. Marina Bay Sands market segmentation

Task 2 Understand the role of the marketing mix

2.1 Key components to the marketing mix in the hospitality industry

2.2 Analysis of pricing strategy adopted by Marina Bay Sands

Task 3 Be able to use a range of administrative systems to support facilities operations

3.1 Evaluating promotional mix as a role for Marina Bay Sands

3.2 Advertising campaign for Marina Bay Sands

3.3 Sales promotion and public relations role in promoting efforts

Task 4 Be able to use appropriate criteria to carry out evaluation and review of the quality and effectiveness of the facilities

4.1 Reasons for a market research project for Marina Bay Sands

4.2 Development of a Market research project for Marina Bay Sands

4.3 Analyze the suitability of different media that can be used by marina Bay Sands, Singapore in marketing a product or service.

4.4 Evaluate the implementation of the Marketing Plan for Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

5. Conclusion

6. Reference

1. Introduction

Hotel marketing is for the hotel industry to increase the income of the marketing work. Understand the education and occupations of the hotel marketing industry. Schools that offer sales and marketing degrees can also be found in these popular options.

Marketing is the process of providing the company's products or services to consumers. Hotel marketing will look at hotels, restaurants, resorts and amusement parks and other tourism how to use marketing technology to promote their products or services.

Hotel sales are different from sales of consumer goods, because marketers must sell tangible and intangible products. In many cases, this means that they are marketing services rather than commodities, and success depends on creating the right feeling in the consumer. For example, the resort will cultivate a relaxed and fun atmosphere, so that consumers feel the same feelings.


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