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Hospitality People and Culture

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Chapter 1

Can you define the term of "leisure"?

Leisure is an increasingly important economic activity in mature service economies. Can be understand as:

• An opportunity for ease and relaxation, therefore implies non-work time

• The state of having time at one's disposal, free occupied time

What are some of these leisure services? (examples)

Leisure services, describe services provided by various organizations to occupy leisure time. Including:

• Eating and drinking out

• Staying away from home

• Travel involving visits to leisure locations

• Visiting places involving travel from home

• Participating in and watching sporting activities

• Attending theatrical and other cultural occasions

• Shopping as a leisure activity

Type of service:

1) The service factory: represents service process where there is low labor intensity and low customization of the service for customers(e.g. fast food)

2) The service shop involves a service delivery that requires more customization, but relatively low labor intensity.(e.g. TGT Friday)

3) Mass service: represents service processes which involving a relatively high degree of labor intensity, but with a limited amount of customization.

4) Professional services: are those in which there is a high degree of customization of the service to individual customer needs and a high degree of labor intensity.

Chapter 3

What is the politics in an organizational context?

1) Activities that are not required as part of an individual's formal role in the organization, but that influence the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within in the organization.

2) Organization politics is the exercise of power to get one's own way, including acquisition of more power, often at the expense of others.

 It's about how we distribute resources.

 And about who gets what, when and how.

 Politics is about values.

 Politics is about ‘us'.

 Politics


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