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Finding Techniques ( Papparich Group Sdn.Bhd)

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2.0 Fact Finding Strategy.

One of the methods which can be used to obtain information is interview. Interview is a meeting which had been planned during which the system analyst obtain information from other person. Skills to plan, conduct, document, and evaluate interviews is the important elements required.  After needed information is identified, the interview can begin. There are 7 steps for each interview is held, there are:

  1. Determine the people to interview
  2. Establish objectives for the interview
  3. Develop interview questions
  4. Prepare for the interview
  5. Conduct the interview
  6. Document the interview
  7. Evaluate the interview

Next method is by conducting questionnaires and surveys. A questionnaire, also called a survey is special purpose documents that allow the analyst to collect information and opinions from respondents. It is the technique used to extract information from number of people. The questionnaire must be logical and consists of series of questions. The questions are simple, clear and to the point. It is very useful from those people concerned with the systems. A typical questionnaire starts with a heading, which includes a title, a brief statement of purpose, the name and telephone number of the contact person, the deadline date for completion, and how and where to return the form. Respondents can be send an email or fill up the traditional paper survey form to the analysts. This is the cheapest source of fact finding.

Besides that, research and site visits can also be used to obtain information. The research which can be done by the system analyst can include Internet, IT magazines, books and other material which are related to IT. Moreover, research also includes information obtained by attending the professional meetings, seminars and discussions with other IT professionals. Furthermore, site visiting to companies that have similar problem and system can be categorized as a research.

The last fact finding strategy is observation of the work environment. The system analyst is possible to participate in, or watches a person perform activities to learn about the system. This technique is good for obtaining objective measures in terms of quantitative data of the interaction with the system such as volume and speed as users do not always have an accurate appreciation of what they do.


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