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Executive Presence

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Delivering good presentations all depend on your knowledge or willingness to educate yourself in the do's and don'ts. I have learned in order for me to be successful in giving future presentations I must pay close attention to key elements that contribute to such success. The most important element is being well prepared. In doing so, it can help in calming the nerves to be able to deliver a clear and concise presentation.

After a recent presentation I have given, I was able to see the areas I lack in delivery. Overall, I felt I did a great job, and it was interesting to gather what strengths and weaknesses I possess when giving a presentation. Some of the strengths I possess are overall my delivery such as staying on the subject and not rambling on. I do well pointing out key facts and giving just enough detail to get my point across. I show great enthusiasm when I deliver my presentation. In, addition, I manage to offer good examples in which my audience can relate. Last, I feel I manage to mostly appear not rehearsed when giving my presentation.

Some of the weaknesses I possess appear to be that I have poor posture and do not use my hands when speaking. Hand motions can often be overdone but I think some is needed to draw your audience in, so to speak. My biggest weakness that others may or may not see is the anxiety I get before my presentations. It is not so much being in front of a large amount of people that bothers me; it is more the fear of forgetting part of my presentation or not appearing confident.

Evaluation forms that were filled out by my audience members really helped me to see areas I need to improve upon. Overall, my audience responded that I did very well which was a relief. Some things stood out to me that they said, such as my poor posture. I know this is important as displays my confidence. It was interesting to note how many evaluations stated I did well considering limited time limit. It also appeared to


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