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Ethically and Socially Responsive Business

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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Flora Thomas

Prof.  Shelley Taylor

Business 100 (Intro to Business)


The Cheese Cake Factory developed its code of ethics for all executive, senior officers and its directors.

The code of business conduct applies to the company’s Board of Directors and all employees. Their ethic

 code also applies to the company’s subsidiaries and affiliates. Their Code of ethic is a very valued and

respected document. Everyone employed by this company has a signed copy in their file. Their code

of ethic is very precise and to the point.  It is often revised and updated.

Fortune magazine has listed this company as being one of the “100 best companies to work for”. They

also promote from within. They are a charitable organization, which speaks for their social responsibility.


Cheese Cake Factory is one business that conducts themselves with integrity and they make sure

their actions follow the highest ethical and professional standards. They also have very high

sustainability with their staff and the food. Any company with a code of ethics is going to go thru ups

and downs. No code of ethics is sound proof or able to fix every situation. To have a ethically and

socially responsive business we learn to apply the code of ethics with good intentions mainly by using

good judgment and common sense.

Ethics is a set of beliefs about right and wrong or the do’s and don’ts of any business. Applying these

A code of ethics put in place,

References: www.cheese cake companies/the cheese cake factory

maintains illegal issues in the workplace.


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