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Ethical and Social Responsive Business

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The first key area of the Cheesecake Factory Incorporated code of ethics and code of business conduct is section II B: Compliance with laws. This area has several importance’s you want your employees to not have criminal records for a couple of reasons the first being the employees have access to cash and the company needs to protect their assets, the second reason if the public finds out you have criminals working in the establishment the customer base will drop which will affect the income of the company. Another reason it is important is the employees should be able to come to work and not have to worry about being harassed in any way sexual or discriminatory.

The second key area would be in section II C: Conflicts of Interest. There are several types of conflicts of interest that are important. One type of conflict of interest would be related partner this has to do with avoiding engaging in company business with relatives whether it be by blood or marriage. This protects the company from possible legal actions from other companies that might feel like they didn’t get the appropriate attention due to the company being engaged in business with family members. The second type of conflict of interest that would be important would be financial interest. This would involve not owning interest in business owned by customers, suppliers, contractors or is a competitor of the company. The financial interest is important because you want the employees to be dedicated to promoting your company and not trying to achieve personal gains from a competitor. Another important conflict of interest would be dealing with suppliers or contractors. This would be important to the company because of possible legal issues from selecting another company they believe wasn’t done in a fair or ethical manner. This could affect future business relationships and net income due to lawsuits.

The third key area would be section II D: Non-Solicitation. This is important because you do not want the company’s customers or vendors feeling pressured or uncomfortable due to being solicited by employees.


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