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Enron Case Study

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The Enlightenment of the Enron Case


 The enlightenment of CPA

Certified public accountant audit the business needs to complete two scales, one accounting standards, First Independent Auditing Standards. With the ongoing globalization, many of the major capital markets are active efforts to promote to the globally accepted accounting standards and the convergence of auditing standards. , We can not ignore the international accounting and auditing guidelines for the convergence of this trend.

1) To encourage and guide the development of China's accounting firm of non-audit services and consulting. At present, the accounting firm of the service structure is basically a single audit services, such services did not bring the structure of the high independence of the audit, and the firm is not conducive to the stability and long-term development. China's accession to the WTO after the domestic accounting market is bound to increasingly intense competition, the international accounting firm brought about by the increasing competitive pressure. In addition, supplementary audit under way after a comprehensive, internationally the largest on the domestic impact of the audit services market will not, and should be non-audit consulting services market.

2) At the same time, strengthen the supervision of non-audit services.1> a listed company effective the role of the Audit Committee.2> to enhance the role of industry self-regulation, and improve the independence of certified public accountants system of industry self-regulation, research detailed Code of Ethics for Certified Public Accountants, and strengthen the independence of the sector-specific regulations. 3>and give full play to the joint monitoring and social supervision.

 The enlightenment of audit

1) The face of audit risk analysis and countermeasures to be taken.

First, it is necessary to predict the risk of audit, control and analysis. The second is intended to avoid. The third is self-protection. Fourth, the transfer risk. Fifth, take risks.

2)Audit risk control initiative of countermeasures to be taken.

The first is to remove all outside interference, to honesty and self-discipline, solidarity and cooperation, subject to the overall situation, the work of excellence, hard. Second, we should pay attention to case studies and theoretical research. The third, the audit process in the strict implementation of national auditing standards, so that actions are consistent with the criteria for audit requirements. The fourth one is the establishment of audit institutions in the quality standard system. Fifth, improve the system of personal responsibility. Six is to improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms.



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