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Empower Student Nano-Financing Co.

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Dinhayan, Zara Jane A.

Eduave, Esther Beiye P.

Salan, Marielle S.

Sondrita, Chris John Nicole S.

Tanasas, Anjon A.

Empower Student Nano-financing Co.


        Empower Student Nano-financing is an institution that provides for short term, “nano” loans for students in the Bukidnon area. This firm is established to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants who are enrolled in higher education courses in the various universities within the geographic location. The firm’s mission, vision and philosophy are as follows:

Mission: To provide financial assistance to students, with low interests and less bureaucracy in filing for such loans.

Vision: To advance and promote education through helping students in providing them with short-term loans in order to build the foundations of their future.

Philosophy: We believe that through financial assistance, students are able to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We also believe the elevation of society can be achieved through student empowerment.

Target Market

Geographic Location: Bukidnon, Philippines

Specific Targets:

  • Parents and guardians with children or dependents enrolled in a university within the area
  • Students, male or female, enrolled in one of the various universities within the area.


  1. Sex:
  • Male
  • Female

  1. Parent’s annual income
  • P10,000 below
  • P10,001-P50,000
  • P50,001-P100,000
  • P101,001-P150,000
  • P150,001-P200,000
  • P200,001-P250,000
  • P250,001-P350,000
  • P350,001-P500,000
  • P500,001 and  above

  1. How much do you usually need in a semester?
  • P10,000-P25,000
  • P25,001-P50,000
  • P50,001-P75,001
  • P75,000-P100,000
  • P100,001 and above
  1. What will you do when you are facing financial problem?

(You may choose more than one.)

  • Borrow from relatives
  • Borrow from Financial Company
  • Apply personal loan from bank
  • Credit card overdraft
  • Pawn jewelleries/appliances
  • Others

  1. Have you ever heard about student loan?
  • Yes
  • No

  1. Have you ever applied on a loan?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. If your answer in no. 6 is ‘No’, are you willing to apply for one?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. What are the characteristics of student loan that you will more likely to apply?
  • Repaid in series payments
  • Repaid in a lump sum
  • Set on a monthly basis
  • Not clear
  1. What do you think about the loan that will be provided by the Empower Student Nano-financing Co.?
  • High interest rate
  • Quick Approval
  • Easy to apply
  • Can cooperate with real situation
  • Not clear
  • Others


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