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Elektra Products Inc - Case Analysis Report

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Case analysis report

Elektra Products, Inc.

Elektra products, Inc. is in the market for 80 years. It was successful company during many years. However, the roles have changed and some problems occurred:

  • Market share was declining because of new competitors;
  • There were few new ideas;
  • There were lack of moral principles and communication;
  • A lot of employees were searching new jobs;
  • Employees needed hope and inspiration.

Main characters of the case are: Martin Griffin, new dynamic CEO, who was employed to renovate the company; Barbara who is a manufacturing vice president and team leader of managers team that working on idea of empowering campaign.

Firstly, it is necessary to analyze the situation and choose a strategy to make a decision. For resolving the problem top management has to identify the problems. After identifying the tasks, they have to start resolution form the most significant one. This will make easier to solve other problems arose.

 They need to start solving problems concerned to moral principle and communication of employees first. Since, moral principles are key features for resolving problems. Currently, Elektra Products, Inc. has loyal employees, but they do not communicate to each other.  This issue leads to the destruction of working environment.

For avoiding controversy and giving rational solution to the problem Barbara should include other departments and to take into account their opinion. In addition, 500$ refund from every merchndise and providing information about future products to salespeople may be crutial for the company. As a consequenses of these offers will be corruption and leak. These two factors may harm reputation of the company and eliminate its position in market.


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