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E-Commerce - Govida

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First of all, wants to increase their sales, by using an online sales which at first they starts the click and mortar e-business

Click-and-mortar organizations conduct e-commerce activities, but do their primary business in the physical

1- Identify the B2B and B2C transactions


Refers to one business selling to another business via the Web


Business-To-Business, a transaction that occurs between two companies,

As opposed to a transaction involving a consumer, the term may also describe a company that provides goods or services for another company.


Business conducted between companies and individual consumers, rather than between two companies

Businesses selling to the general public typically through catalogs utilizing shopping cart software

Godiva their idea is to sell for both to individuals and to businesses through the web (online) virtually

2- Why did Godiva decide to sell online?

Godiva Company decides to sell online by using E-business to increase their sales and they were looking for an avenue to increase their sales

3- List the EC drivers in this case.

In 1994 the major drivers for increased sales were user groups, targeting these users with the Web site was the key to increasing sales

4- Visit How user-friendly is the site?

The site appears to be very


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