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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign

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Abstract        3

Introduction        4

Company’s Background        4

Problem statement        5

Analysis        5

Campaign for real beauty        5

Real beauty sketches campaign        6

Criticism regarding the real beauty sketches campaign        6

SWOT analysis of Real beauty sketches campaign        6

AIDA MODEL        8

Porter five force model framework        10

PESTEL Analysis        11

Alternatives        13

Decision Matrix Criteria        15

Recommendation        16

Implementation of Plan        17

Bibliography        18

Appendix        19

Appendix – SWOT Analysis        19

Appendix – Porter five force analysis        20

Appendix C – PESTLE Analysis        21


The report elaborate the strategy that has been used by dove to position its brand in the mind of the consumers over the past 10 years. Since its initial stage the company offered a moisturizing soap that was gentle on the skin, leaving it soft and smooth specifically targeting the women in the market. However with each passing period, a false image of beauty started prevailing in the beauty industry. Dove stood against the norms and the unrealistic beauty standards and initiated to empower women by making them embrace their flaws and setting realistic beauty goals in the market.

The brand remain quite successful in creating this image through various campaign that were focused on realistic beauty. However the brand is currently facing a strategic decision that is whether to change its brand strategy or to stick with its core marketing strategy that is promoting the flaws and real beauty through new and innovative campaigns in the market. The company is considering three options i.e. to 1) initiate a selfie documentary 2) run a mirror selfie campaign or 3) overhauling the dove strategy.

After analyzing the strategy and the all the related factors, it can be suggested that the brand should go for a selfie documentary where mother and daughter teams will be encourage submitting a selfie. It will allow the company in achieving its targeted goal while keeping the values of the company intact. Through the implementation of this strategy the company will be able to expand its reach among the targeted audience and will allow the audience to connect with the brand on an emotional level as they will feature the relationship between mother and daughter.


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