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Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative communication is nonverbal and unwritten communication and involves body language, tone of voice, and facial expression. What is important is that demonstrative communication involves wordless messages. In personal communication, demonstrative communication supports verbal communication and it can be used on its own to send messages. For example, if a person is smiling it conveys friendliness. Similarly, if a person is speaking cheerfully, it conveys a message of friendliness. On the other hand if a person is gruff it conveys negative impressions. Often a combination of demonstrative communications is used. The combination of the manner in which a person dresses, the confidence with which they look into the eye of a person and their self-assurance speaks volumes for a person. A person can use nonverbal signals to convey an idea about her to others. Clothing, tattoos, and hairstyles are used by persons to carry a message about themselves these are examples of demonstrative communication.

One of the most important means of demonstrative communication is facial expression. Communication is achieved through a change of the visual pattern over time but the facial expression can convey a mood or capture a sentiment. Similarly, the tone of voice can be used for demonstrative communication. To communicate good mood on a phone, the voice of the person must be under control, clear, warm, and upbeat. On another hand if a person speaks weakly, and begins shouting on the telephone they convey unfriendliness. Simple techniques like pausing and breathing that can make the voice more attractive. Similarly, scientists say that 92% of human communication is through body language and paralinguistic cues whereas words form only 7% of the communication. Body language conveys clues like the attitude or the state of mind. It may communicate that the person is aggressive, attentive, bored, or intoxicated. For example if a person have their chest pushed out and their eyes are narrow it conveys aggression.

Demonstrative communication can be effective in a work situation. Consider the example of a medical sales person who approaches a physician. Their clothes, grooming, and even their perfume have a greater impact than the speech that they make. Such as, the tone of a person voice, confidence, and the manner in which they show the medicine consolidate the positive impact of one first appearance created. Finally, their action of handing over samples and complementary gifts wins the physician over to their side. It is a positive impact of demonstrative communication. On the other side consider a


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