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Corporate Social Responsibility of the Hang Seng Bank

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Corporate Social Responsibility of the Hang Seng Bank

Hang Seng Bank is a well-known bank in Hong Kong. Not only providing good services to customers, but also gives help to people in need in the Hong Kong society. To give hands to people in need and accomplish their corporate social responsibility, they have attained it in 7-different aspects:


Hang Seng Bank do their reponsibility through diverse programmes, such as donations and community sponsorship. In 2013, they have made a total of HK$27 million of charitable donations. Other than money donations, they also have volunteering workshop such as mural painting in local hospital.


Ever since 1995, Hang Seng Bank allocate up to HK$62 million to various scholarship programmes which benefiting to over 2,000 students. This act helps students with financial difficulties, enabling them to have continuous study. The scheme may also encourage students hardworking will brings success.


The Hang Seng Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme has benefited 410 top-performing Hong Kong athletes since 1996, which provide huge money support to those athletes. Source of funds for the development of the Hong Kong Athletes was always a frustrating problem, Hang Seng Bank enable athletes to chase their dreams.

Art and Culture

Hang Seng Bank has co-organized with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre to hold the Hang Seng Student and Community Matinees Programme. It helps the underprivileged families and their members which suffering from dementia under the programme.


The bank has implements and monitor their environmental management system with complying the ISO14001 requirements, attaining the global


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