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Conceptulazing a Business

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Conceptualizing a Business

Phase I of the strategic plan is to conceptualize a business. To define a business, products, or services, and customers by developing a mission statement; to create a vision that clearly states the organization which it wants to be, and define guiding principles and values based on culture, social reponsiblity, and ethics. To analyze how the vision, mision, and values guide the organization's strategic direction. Finally, to eveluate the organization's on how it will address customer needs and critique to achieve competitieve advantage. In the following paragraphs it will explain in detail of Splish Splash Mobile Grooming covering the sections explained in the above sentences.

Defining the Business

Defining the business is the process of identifying what the product or services a company is providing and why it is different from other similar companies. It also represents the mission statement of the company. In respect to dog grooming, the company name is Splish Splash Mobile Gromming. The mission statement for Splish Splash is:

Splish Splash Mobile Grooming knows the importance of a happy, healthy Pet! Providing the pampering of a spa and striving to ensure a postive grooming experience!

A vision statement for a company demostrates clearly where a business wants to be in the future, the vision statement for Splish Splash Mobile Grooming is:

Welcome to Splish Splash Mobile Grooming. It is our vision to provide you, and your pet the highest standards of quality service. We excel in our ability to maintain a professional and carring enviroment for your pet while in our care. The safety of your pet is our top priority, and we will always take that into consideration whenever proceeding with any service. We look forward to becoming a leader in our community of Berwyn for the ethical and humane treatment of all pets. Making your pet happy, makes us happy.

Guiding Principels/Values

Guiding principals and values for a business represents the culture, social responsibility, and ethics within the business. It has a responsibility to the community socioally and ethically. Conducting business in the utmost professional manner and not harming the enviorment or the community that it conducts business in. Splish Splash Mobile Gromming principal values are:

1. Knowhow-The most fundamental principle in dog grooming is that the groomer must knowhow each maneuver, act, technique, method, and position is accomplished before the groomer can groom properly a dog.

2. Patience-Is the most important requirement of a groomer and handler is patience. To make the pet stay calm and not be afraid, the handler must excerise self-control. Patience along with firmness results in a better envirorment of a happy pet.

3. Praise- The groomer/handler who displays patience can


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