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Competitive Analysis for Dirt Bikes Usa

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The company Dirt Bikes USA manufactures high performing dirt bikes for racing. They create value to their company by paying attention to what their customers desire in a dirt bike and by good advertising. Dirt Bikes USA wants to know their customers and even started an owner’s group for dirt bike owners to give their feedback and discuss with other owners. The company provides value to their customer by specializing their products for better performance. Each model has been engineered by former dirt bike racers that aim to provide the racing world with better bikes. Many races have been won by riders using products from Dirt Bikes USA and are very high quality.

There are a lot of brands that compete against each other in the dirt bike market. Dirt Bikes USA mainly competes against top brands such as Honda, Suzuki, and Husqvarna.


Advantages: Slimmed -down fuel tanks, wide-ratio gearing, electric starting

Price Range: $6449- $7199


Advantages: Smooth power delivery, loads of mid-range, lightweight handling

Price Range:


Advantages: Lightweight frame, unique suspension

Price Range: $6298- $7989

Dirt Bikes USA sells their models from $3250- $8990. Their smaller models sell for much cheaper than other brands do. Their other models are more competitively priced though.

Globalization and the increase of outsourcing are strong competitive forces that can affect the industry. With lower labor and production cost in foreign countries, it is easier for Dirt Bikes USA and their competitors to produce their bikes at lower prices. It is also becoming easier for companies to advertise to larger target groups.


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