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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

The demand for electric motor vehicles is an established and ever growing market worldwide and we must consider that it will eventually develop into a competitive market with similar electric vehicle products.  A paramount challenge for Tesla and our potential launch as competition in the electric vehicle market is meeting realizing the break even point is possible given production capacity.  Demand for functional, quality electric vehicles is high and one consideration that has given stockholders pause in considering their investment is determining whether Tesla can meet production requirements to break even and eventually profit. There is a strong demographic for customers of electric cars as there are many Americans interested in saving money on fuel consumption and being more ecologically responsible with lessened emissions and carbon footprint.  California is a stronghold for the electric automotive market because of higher gas prices and belief system of those who live there.  The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing fairly rapidly according to new analysis from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research — with more than 320,000 new EV registrations in 2014, bringing the total global market up to 740,000 vehicles.  These numbers will continue to grow as fuel prices continue being instable and as new EV makers figure out ways to capture potential buyers with state of the art design and performance technology.  Generating enough units in production to satisfy the break even point has been a key consideration for Tesla and any future electric car company would certainly have to compare their startup process to that of Tesla motors.

Tesla Motors is a technologically advanced company who looks to change the functions of automobiles, as we know it. With a highly engineered product offering, this car surpasses competitive market conditions with similar offerings. Not only does this car enhance the effects of convenient long-term traveling, it also provides autopilot features, charging stations, and luxury items that other electric cars do not provide. Tesla Motors continually attracts a high demand of customers because there is nothing that completely relates to the offerings this vehicle brings forth. While the sufficiency of productivity and manufacturing rates of this automobile are currently in question for Tesla motors to achieve fiscal success and prosperity, it ultimately also comes back to the consumer demands, market requirements, price points and price elasticity. A common objective of the EV market product lines is for new and established companies to set price points that balance desired profits for shareholders with customer satisfaction

History of the Organization and Description of the Product

Tesla Motors, Inc, is synonymous with technological innovation. Historians will recognize Nikola Tesla's work with alternating currents in the war of currents in the late 1800's.  Tesla motors founder Elon Musk is a very well known and brilliant billionaire entrepreneur who has taken electric motor technology to incredible levels, giving their products performance and service ranges unparalleled in the industry. Tesla motor’s has garnered the investment funds and backing of the public as consumer confidence in Musk's vision have manifested into investment capital and production facilities.  Tesla's approach is industrious and well rounded and he has also steered the company into potential public transport with the advent of a high-speed train system that will simplify and speed up tricky and time-consuming Californian commuter traffic.  There is no doubt that Tesla motors technological innovations give consumers and investors the confidence to invest in products and the company alike.


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