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Choosing Organization’s Strategy

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if an organization is clear about what it is or wants to be, it can develop strategies to implement itself effectively.  The choice of strategy is what makes an organization truly distinct from other organizations, even if they have very similar visions, missions, or values.  Presuming that the chosen strategy is appropriate, it can form a foundation for developing a quality program, or for assessing the quality of the organization’s functions, processes, products, and services.

Describe how an organization’s strategy development can result in a clear direction for managing quality.  How might differences in strategy result in different approaches to thinking about, measuring, or improving quality?  Does strategy imply core competencies that would be the central focus of quality management, or could your quality management thinking be developed independently of any particular chosen organizational strategy?

An organization’s strategy development is such an important key in developing a quality management process or program.  Each organization will have unique goals and objectives which in turn provide key factors during their definition of an approach.  I believe that although quality management thinking can be developed independently, it must converge at some point with an organization’s strategy in order to be most effective.  Balancing those key objectives are essential, especially when competing amongst varying organizational needs.

Defining how an organization conducts their strategic planning, as well as how they collect and analyze the data, must be analyzed when developing their unique strategies.  Since the ultimate goal is to ensure that these strategies are successfully deployed, action plans to accomplish the objectives, as well as definition of resource allocations and performance measures must also be created in order to obtain an effective quality management program.


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